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Bridge Design is one of the oldest topics of BRIDGE Engineering. You will be introduced to various types of bridges and moving loads. This Training gives you a unique opportunity to experience a hands-on feel of a BRIDGE Engineering project. Participants will design and fabricate their own bridge and test for the maximum load. The bridge model made by them can take up to 1000 times the self weight.

Major Highlights:

  • Design, Fabricate and Test a model bridge
  • Build a bridge that can support the load up to 1000 times its own weight

Highlights of the training

  • Introduction to Bridge Design through interactive lecture sessions with good multimedia content
  • Hands-on practical session on CAD based Bridge Design, Fabrication and Testing
  • Bridge model is self-fabricated and tested model by each team
  • Exposure to current industry methods used in bridge design
  • Discussion about implementing the knowledge gained to develop good B.Tech/M.Tech Project
  • Interview tips to face interviews with confidence
  • Career guidance & Counseling.

Course Details

Introduction to Bridges

  • History of Bridge development
  • Bridge Types
  • Key components of Bridges
  • Factors affecting Bridges
  • Guidelines to decide the type of Bridge to be construct

Steps Involved in the Process of Design of Bridges

  • Type of Bridge
  • Type of Traffic on Bridge
  • Standards/Codes to be followed in Analysis/Design
  • Materials
  • Boundary or Support conditions.
  • Cross sectional Properties of Elements
  • Loads
  • Load combinations
  • Perform Analysis
  • Design of Each individual Structural Element

Introduction to MIDAS

  • File options
    • Import
    • Export
  • Unit system
  • Creating Nodes
    • copy
    • move
    • translate
    • Renumbering
  • Creating Elements
    • copy
    • move
    • translate
    • Extrude
    • Divide
    • Merging
    • Intersection
    • Renumbering
  • Selection of Nodes and Elements
  • Activation and Deactivation of Elements
  • Display Options
  • Defining Material Properties.
  • Defining Element Properties
  • Assigning of Properties to Elements
  • Defining and assigning of Boundaries
    • Point Springs
    • Surface Springs
    • Elastic link
    • Beam End releases
    • Beam End offsets
  • Definition of Loads and Assignment of loads
  • Load Combinations
  • Analysis Control
  • Extraction of Results
  • Additional Features
    • Section Property Calculator
    • Tendon Profile Generator
    • General Section Designer
    • MCT Command
    • Dynamic Report Generator

Design of Simply Supported PSC I girder-Slab Bridge with Grillage Analysis

  • Longitudinal Analysis
    • Grillage Model
    • Pre-stress Loading
    • Moving Load Analysis
  • Transverse Analysis
    • Design of Deck Slab with IRC-21: Effective width Method

Design of Continuous PSC I girder-Slab Bridge with Grillage Analysis

  • Construction stage Analysis
  • Time Dependent Material Properties

Design of Simply supported PSC Box girder Bridge

  • Cast in situ Construction
  • Segmental Construction

Design of Continuous PSC Box girder Bridge

Basics of Design of Balanced Cantilever Bridge and Design of Cable stayed Bridge

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