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Quadcopter (from Quad “four” and Copter “helicopter”) is an aerial robot combining a simple propeller mechanism with powerful electronics for limitless real-world applications. It is an embedded system comprising of microcontrollers, sensors, flight gear and other integrated components.

This workshop helps participants to develop a Quadcopter project from scratch while understanding the various engineering concepts in making a working Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Developing a Quadcopter provides the right kind of hands-on application that an Engineering student needs!


Course Details

Session 1

1. Multicopters

  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Controllers and Embedded Systems Design
  • Working Principle
  • Aerodynamics Introduction
  • Aeronautical Terms & Definitions
  • Constructional Concepts

2. Quad copter Frame Design

  • Materials Used
  • Designing Concepts
  • Hands on Designing
  • Types of Frame Structures & Consequences

3. Introduction to Sensors (Input Devices)


  • Types – piezoelectric, piezoresistive and capacitive
  • Dynamic distance & speed measurement


  • Coriolis force and vibration measurement
  • Angular velocity changes – How?
  • Control mechanisms
  • Applications in flying


  • Concept of Yaw, pitch & roll
  • Method of calculating yaw angles
  • PID controller of the quad rotor system

Session 2
4. Radio Transmitter and Receiver
Introduction to Radio Transmitter

  • 2.4GHz Radio Communication
  • Transmitter Controls
  • Power Limitations
  • Frequency Selection
  • Antenna Arrangement
  • Orientations of Quad

Radio Receiver

  • Number of Channels
  • Effective Utilization of Channels
  • Various Configurations
  • Consequences of Reception beyond Coverage Area

5. Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

Introduction to ESC

  • Speed Control Techniques
  • Data Signaling to ESC
  • Ampere Rating of ESC
  • Control Motor through ESC
  • Input Supply Considerations
  • Programming ESC

Session 3
6. BLDC Motors and propellers

  • Introduction to BLDC Motor
  • Types of BLDC motor
  • Difference of a Normal DC Motor and BLDC Motor
  • Advantages of BLDC Motors
  • Applications of BLDC Motors

7. Propellers

  • Type of Propellers
  • Working of Propeller
  • Different Forces Acting on Propellers

Session 4.
Hands on Quad copter sessions

  • Assembling of the Quad copter
  • Installing the software and debugging
  • Flying Sessions

Kit Details

  • Fiber Quad copter Frame with integrated Power Distribution Circuit
  • KK Board 5.5
  • USB Firmware Firmware Loader
  • ESC
  • BLDC Motor
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver Module
  • 11.1V Lipo battery
  • Balance charger for Lipo
  • 2 Pair Legs (RED and White)
  • 2 Pair Propellers (Left and Right)
  • 1x (Allen key)
  • 1 tool kit
  • 1x CD
    • Datasheets
    • Drivers
    • PPTs
    • Software
    • User Manual

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