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This is just 2 days course content, if you need training content for Faculty Development Program or for 5/7/10/15/30/45/180 Days training,.
Note: College will have to arrange for some old Maruti 800 Car from garage for demonstration purpose.


Course Details

Day 1

Session: 1

  • Open air Demonstration on Maruti 800, human interface with machine
  • Overview: Major components, vehicle layout, Vehicle categorization
  • Body Package: Exterior/Interior Trims, Fender, Noise harness, Box concept, BIW
  • Platform Strategies: Platform concept, Carry over Content, New designed part

Session: 2

Engine Dismantling:

  • Starting system: Self-starting system
  • Carburetor: A/F Mixture requirement, Speed control, Cold starting, Accelerating type carburetor
  • Intake/Exhaust Manifold: intake manifold, cylinder head, Over-head CAM assembly, Intake/Exhaust valve, Exhaust manifold
  • Ignition System: Conventional Ignition system layout, Major components, Electronic Ignition system, Ignition time advancing
  • Cooling system: Types of cooling system, Cooling system layout, Cooling jacket, Major components, Temperature control
  • Lubrication System: Flow layout
  • Exhaust System: Emission norms, NOx Conversion to CO2, H20


Session: 1

Transmission Dismantling:

  • Clutch: Requirements, Performance curve, Torque converter, Centrifugal clutch
  • Transmission: Requirements, Gear ratio selection, Power curve, MTgearbox, Dual clutch Transmission
  • Power drive: Power distribution, Power loss, Open Differential, LS Differential, CV power shafts

Session: 2

Suspension/Steering/ Brakes Dismantling:

  • Suspension: Design criteria, Suspension geometries, HUB assembly, F/R Suspension assembly
  • Vehicle alignment: Toe In/Out, Caster, Camber, King-pin alignments and its effect on vehicle dynamics
  • Manual Steering system: Design criteria, Rack and pinion, Steering column, Tie rods, Ball-joints, Knuckle length
  • Wheel-Tyre: Nomenclature, selection criteria, Tyre characteristics, Tyre construction, Tread Pattern, RFT
  • Braking Unit: Hydraulic brake system, ABS, DAC, ESP

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